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Holders for auto lathes with and without through tool coolant

Special holder and boring bars

General information

ARNO® dedicated sliding head auto lathe tooling offers high accuracy and reliable machining of all components, in all materials. This type of lathe often performs highly accurate machining of long, thin and often small components.

Next to special holders for swiss type machines ARNO® also offers the Deco-Cut system with ground holders and an upright insert with a very precise location for excellent repeatability and optimal productivity.


Holders for auto lathes with through tool coolant

  • Through tool coolant holders with precise coolant straight to the cutting edge
  • Prepared for 340 bar coolant pressure
  • Shank sizes 12 x 12 and 16 x 16
  • Precise coolant flow between the insert and the swarf
  • Better tool life – possibly up to 100 % better
  • Cutting speeds can be increased up to 200 %
  • Improved swarf control – even on problem materials
  • Efficient coolant of the insert cutting edge, protecting coatings which can be deteriorate due temperature changes
Swiss machining

Swiss machining

Swiss machining

Swiss machining

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