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FE milling system


  • Small diameter shoulder milling
  • High feed milling (HFC) available with the same tool

By simply switching the inserts, the FE milling system can be used for two different milling applications. This is adding economic benefits to the performance and effectiveness of the FE tools.



  • Square shoulder and High feed milling with one tool
  • Cost and stock  reduction of milling cutter tools
  • Available as shell mills, end mills and screw shank cutters in a diameter range from 16-80mm
  • High helix insert
  • Soft component entry and exit cuts
  • Quiet and soft cutting action due to positive insert seating
  • Accurate and effective 90 degree shoulder
  • Depth of cut up to 8mm


Grade description

AK6915 PVD coated carbide grade
for high cutting speed. First choice for milling cast materials (GG and GGG).

AN2015 Coated carbide grade
for machining aluminium and none ferrous materials. Also suitable for finishing of steel, cast iron, stainless and high temperature alloy materials.

AM5741 PVD-coated carbide grade.
For milling stainless steel at medium to high cutting speed. Due to the positive geometry also suitable for milling high temperature alloys and titanium alloys.

AP5330 PVD coated (TiALN)
carbide insert. Universal grade for the modern production where machine reliablity and high productivity is essential. Main application area is steel.

AP5430 PVD coated (TiALN/TiN)
carbide insert. General purpose grade for all steel machining, tough yet wear resistant. TiN ocating for easier wear recognition.

AP5830+ PVD-carbide grade.
Especially suitable for wet milling of steel, stainless steel and cast materials. A universal grade, very resistant to thermal cracking.

FE milling system

FE milling system

Application videos

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